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Buy Fresh Produce Inc.®, Consulting Division works closely with food companies to assimilate information on Food Processing & Packaging Technology Markets and personally work with our clients in developing new projects, diversifications, and modernizations. Whether it’s Raw, Ready to Eat, IQF, or cooked sterilized foods in retort pouches, trays, cups, jars, cans bottles, or vacuum packed, let Buy Fresh Produce Inc.®, help your new or existing company catapult to the next level. With many years of industry experience and relationships, we will help get your new company started or take it to the next level with our immense referral network.

We are specialists in vegetable processing as well as consolidation. Each of our consultants has many years of experience in food production. Let us help you with

➣ Processing – Production Packaging

➣ Presentation Product Development – HACCPS

➣ Cost Analysis – Plant and Equipment

➣ Hygiene Cleaning Schedules

➣ Create New Products, From Your Basic Ingredients

➣ Cost Analysis

➣ Estimate Gross/Net and Retail Cost

➣ Market Assessment

➣ Is There A Market? /Who Is In It? /Doing What?

➣ Technical And Commercial Evaluation. Are The New Products High Care?

➣ New Packaging

➣ Are The New Products Commercially Viable?

➣ Design Processing Lines

➣ Draw Up Detailed Product Specification

➣ Using The Most Up-To-Date C/Pet Plastic

➣ Hazard Analysis Critical Control Paths

➣ What Equipment Do I Require, Size and Value?

➣ Developing The Best Way Of Promoting The Product

➣ Detailed Raw Material Requirements . Clear Production Processes

Buy Fresh Produce Inc.®, is a national consulting firm specializing in the Hispanic commodities, food processing and packaging industries providing technical and business development for new or existing companies needing feasible business assistance such as plant assessments, business and restructuring plans, export marketing and project financing, etc.

Processing of Agricultural Products & Hispanic Commodities


Processing Fruit & Vegetables

From Raw Material Reception to Final Packed Product


USA & South America/Meat & Vegetable processing

English, Spanish


30 Years Experience

 Independent Consultants

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